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sponsor an olive tree


Our goal is to plant 1 million olive trees in the land of Israel. Many have joined us and are sponsoring trees on behalf of their family, friends, business or ministry. Help us reach this goal and impact the nation of Israel by sponsoring a tree in the Holy Land!



You are sponsoring one olive tree in the land of Israel. 

In honor of your sponsorship, you will receive:

  • The First Episode of Illuminations (*3-4 weeks after 1st payment).
  • The Miracle Special Series 12 CD set (*3-4 weeks after 1st payment).
  • Signed Certificate of Authenticity (immediately after final payment).
  • Tallit made in Israel (immediately after final payment). (Our blue acrylic tallits are made in Israel and are 24” long and 72”’ around the shoulders. The crown, which is worn around the neck, reads “Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the Universe, Who has command us to wear the tzizit.” The tzizit is the fringe of the garment. The corners read. “God will bring us to Zion joyfully.” Each tallit has been anointed and prayed over.)
  • The King’s Oil (immediately after final payment).
  • Free Shipping and Handling [Use Coupon Code 'fshmot' then select Free Shipping from  the options menu]
  • Click this link to name your Tributee, then click ‘Add to Cart’

For just seven easy payments of $29.95 (total cost: $209.65) you can sponsor an olive tree in the land Israel and join us in helping provide employment for Israeli families and funds for humanitarian aid projects in Israel! Each year oil sales from our trees are donated directly into humanitarian aid projects-thus, blessing Israel for generations!

Our trees stand the test of time as a sign of solidarity and friendship from your family to the nation of Israel; they are a spiritual, economic, and environmental blessing. They are a one-time gift that keeps on giving for year after year and enables you to have a physical root in the Holy Land.