King’s Valley Project | Rebuilding the Garden of the Kings

When King Jesus Returns,

He Will Pass through the Ancient Kidron Valley and

Reenter the Holy Gates of Jerusalem as King of Kings…

… And Now You Can Plant the Garden That Will Make Way for Jesus' Triumphant Return!

As Christians, we believe that Jesus, our Messiah, will one day return to earth to the Mount of Olives and walk through the Kidron Valley, and into the gates of Jerusalem.

How would you like to help plant the lush and fruitful garden that will greet our Messiah upon His return and act as an offering of peace?

Join My Olive Tree in Rebuilding the Garden of the Kings

The Kidron Valley, also called the “Valley of the Kings” and the “Garden of the Kings,” is an ancient area located on the eastern side of Jerusalem. This valley where the kings of old, as well as Jesus, once walked, is teeming with history, excitement, and anticipation of His return.

According to scripture, this is the site the Messiah will pass through upon His return to earth.

Historically, this large valley was a private garden for the kings of Israel, as well as the burial grounds for many high-ranking officials of the Judean Kingdom, including Pharaoh's daughter. It was also where King David crossed to escape his son Absalom. And Jesus traveled through the valley several times.

Today, the Kidron Valley is an extremely important symbol of faith and hope for the future, for both Israelis and Believers alike.

But unfortunately…

This Lush Valley Where Kings Once Walked Is Now a Barren Strip of Land.

The Kidron Valley has been battled over for generations, with differing significances depending on the culture in power at the time. Today, this area continues to offer little peace or stability to the people who live there.

Many of the ancient tombs there have been destroyed and houses have been built over them.  The once plentiful olive groves of this so-called “Garden of Kings” have dried up and vanished.

But we know that just as it is written in Jeremiah 3:17—

“… Jerusalem shall be called The Throne of the Lord, and all the nations shall be gathered to it…”

Our generation is already witnessing God's prophetic restoration of all things, including the land and people of Jerusalem and the overall nation of Israel. This is the same prophecy found in Amos 9:11-15 and Isaiah 35:1.

And now, My Olive Tree has developed a very real and tangible way of not only returning peace and prosperity to one of the world's most historical and cultural locations, but also in preparing the way for Messiah's return.

Best of all, YOU get to play a part in this historic effort that will allow you to be truly rooted to Jerusalem and Israel in a very significant and lasting way!

Now There's a Way You Can Bring Restoration to the Valley of the Kings… and Prepare the Way for the Messiah!

Shalom. If you don't already know me, my name is Curt Landry. I'm the Founder and CEO of Curt Landry Ministries and My Olive Tree. Today, I feel blessed and honored to be sharing with you a project that is very close to my own heart, as well as the hearts of Israelis.

Through the efforts of My Olive Tree, we are seeking to rebuild the Garden of the Kings and restore the olive groves and agriculture of the Kidron Valley. My Olive Tree is a ministry that sponsors, plants, and grows olive trees and vineyards all over Israel, including the Negev Desert, thanks to an exclusive partnership with the nation of Israel and the Israeli Defense Forces.

Right now, we are leading a project that has been aptly named “The King's Valley Project,” in conjunction with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, to plant mature olive trees throughout the King's Valley area of Jerusalem.

I am so excited about this project in particular because it is part of a historic initiative to both fulfill the prophecies of restoration and prepare the way for the return of our Lord!

It is about restoring Jerusalem, the historic spiritual homeland of the Jewish people… and it is about looking forward to the future in anticipation of Jesus' return.

We believe that according to God’s Word, Jerusalem should be a place of peace, prosperity, and reconciliation between the nations of the world. That's exactly why we are planting olive trees and establishing lush groves in this contentious part of Israel.

According to prophecy, the King's Valley is located just below the Mount of Olives where we believe the Messiah will pass through to the very gates of Jerusalem.

By rebuilding the King's garden, we are preparing the valley for His return and restoring Jerusalem as an offering of peace!

The beauty of this historic effort is that now, you can be a part of this new opportunity to unite Jews and Gentiles in the Holy City of Jerusalem through the planting of olive trees in the King's Valley.

And right now, this opportunity to help turn an area of conflict and barrenness into a lush and fruitful garden, dedicated to peace and reconciliation of Jew and Gentile, is at your fingertips!


The King's Valley Project

Preparing the Kidron Valley for the Messiah's Return with Peace, Restoration, and Lush Agriculture

The King's Valley Project describes My Olive Tree‘s mission to plant thousands of olive trees in the barren and battered area of Jerusalem known as the King's Valley.

Through a special partnership with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, we are seeing prophecy fulfilled and sowing peace, prosperity, and reconciliation between the nations of the world!

With the help of Believers around the world, we are working together to restore this strip of land with lush olive groves that produce bountiful harvests year after year.

We are reforesting this area specifically with mature trees that are 30 to 40 years old so that when Jesus returns and sets His foot on the Mount of Olives, these olive trees will be among the first things that He sees!

Imagine how amazing it would be to plant the tree that greets Him upon His return!

Here's How You Can Be a Part of This God-Inspired, Historic Mission That Will Create a Lasting Impact:

 Click on the button below to leave a legacy in your King’s Garden! Payment plans are now available.

If you'd like to personally help rebuild the Garden of the Kings with healthy, blooming olive trees that will greet the Messiah at His return, we invite you to sponsor a tree today.

We need your help funding the planting of these mature olive trees, which require adequate watering and special care, because our mission is not only about reforestation…

The restoration of the King's Valley land is also designed to be an ongoing blessing to the nation of Israel. It is about the restoration of the economy and sustainable agriculture.

So, when you become a sponsor, you're not just planting an olive tree, you're also…

  • Creating jobs for Israeli immigrants returning to their land…
  • Boosting Israel's economy through bountiful and ongoing harvests…
  • Feeding underprivileged lone soldiers’ families…
  • Providing food and shelter for underprivileged and neglected children…
  • Supporting schools for children with special needs…
  • Offering hope to the needy and sick…
  • Showing the love of Jesus to the people of Israel…
  • And much, much, much more…

Here's Exactly What Your Tree Sponsorship Covers:

  • One 30 to 40-year-old, mature olive tree that will be planted in your name or the name of a loved one or your organization…
  • All transportation costs to get your tree to The King's Valley Project site…
  • 3 years of consistent watering to ensure that the tree takes root…
  • All maintenance costs for the life of the tree…

God blesses those who bless Israel, and by sponsoring a tree, you are not only praying for the peace of Jerusalem, you are literally sowing the seeds of the Lord to create a true place of peace in the heart of His Holy City, Jerusalem, the place of His triumphant coming!

Know that you are giving a gift that will keep on giving for generations to come until the return of Messiah. We thank you for this generous gift and are praying for you!

PLEASE NOTE – International Orders:

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to mail physical items to our international sponsors. However, international sponsorships will receive an emailed copy of the Certificate of Authenticity. Thank you and God bless.

Okay Curt… I'm in!

Just One Question:

What Does It Cost to Sponsor an Olive Tree in the King's Valley?

Again, this includes transportation to the site, 3 years of consistent watering to ensure that the tree takes root, and all maintenance costs for the life of your tree so that it will continue to thrive and bless the nation of Israel for hundreds of years to come.

Remember: This is your chance to restore the garden that we believe will greet Jesus upon His return, boost Israel's spirit, agriculture, and economy, demonstrate peace and reconciliation between Gentile and Jew, and fulfill the prophecy of rebuilding Jerusalem—the throne of the Lord.

Don't let this historic opportunity pass you by. Sponsor a tree today.

Click on the button below to leave a legacy in your King’s Garden! Payment plans are now available.

What Kind of Legacy Do You Want to Leave?

Will it be lasting? Will it be truly significant?

Or will you only talk about your faith, never taking action necessary to make a real impact or lasting difference in the world?

One day you will leave this earth. This is nothing to fear or be sad about. But what is sad is leaving earth and facing the Father without having done anything for the greater good of His Kingdom and the people in it.

Right now, you have the unique and historic opportunity to leave a lasting legacy that has great significance to Israel and the Messiah…

You can play a pivotal part in blessing Jerusalem—God's Holy City—in a real, lasting way. Instead of just praying for peace in Israel, you can help create a true place of peace and reconciliation in this battle-torn area… and also prepare the way for the Messiah's triumphant coming!

Will you join our mission in The King's Valley Project and leave behind a legacy you can be proud of?

Join the Mission and Take Root in Israel Today.

Sponsor a Tree That Will Help Restore the King's Valley into a Beautiful Garden Dedicated to Peace!

Click on the button below to leave a legacy in your King’s Garden! Payment plans are now available.

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My Olive Tree
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Make checks payable to: My Olive Tree and please include Tributee information for Certificate of Authenticity.

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