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    Click here to Sponsor a Tree Today!
    Click here to view the Process Page and see how your sponsorship helps benefit the Nation of Israelfind out how your seed becomes a harvest.
    Click here to find out more about becoming a Nehemiah Partner and helping facilitate the sponsorship of olive trees. Sow into Israel and let her sow back into you, your ministry, or your business!


curt-and-christieOur mission is to create a partnership between the Evangelical community and the nation of Israel; this partnership will produce employment, income, and revenue for humanitarian aid projects in Israel.
We envision the planting of one-million olive trees over the next seven years. This relationship was prophesied in the Bible centuries ago, that the foreigners and strangers (those not of Jewish descent) would help rebuild the walls of Israel and cause the desert to bloom (Isa 35:1).
Among other things, this reforestation is an environmental blessing for the entire region. May all who participate in this project be blessed body, soul and spirit; it is time for you to take root in Israel!

Click Here to Sponsor A Tree!

The Miracle Special Presentation

Sponsor a Tree in the Peace Grove

Cement and dirt portals that brought hate, and destruction are being transformed into a place of solidarity and unity.

Learn how to become a part of the Peace Grove ยป